Gymnast 3 print
Gymnast 3 print by prophoto

Today’s A to Z Blog Challenge word is Competition for the letter C. I think that a lot of us look to the Olympics every time it comes around as a time to see some of the best of the best competing. We like to root for our country, and sometimes we get the chance to root for the underdog. I always like it when I see a country that has never medaled before get the gold, silver, or bronze. However, competition isn’t just something that we have to wait to see every other year. We can be a part of it every day.

The Olympians that we watch prepare for years to get to that one moment where they can be in the spotlight. In some rare cases, athletes get to go two or three times. Others might get to run in one race before their Olympic career is over. Many more never make it to the Olympics. We all can compete with ourselves.

The Olympic motto, translated into English, is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. During the Olympics, we get to see the best of the best break world records. Right now, we can break our own personal records. Can we run or swim faster than yesterday? Can we improve a new yoga posture? We don’t even have to limit ourselves to athletics; can we learn something new today, or do our work better? Whatever we do, we don’t have to settle for being the person that we were yesterday. While we may never be one of the greatest in the world, we can become better. Even if we meet with setbacks, there is always something that we can strive for.

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